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Resolution update: May 2013

In an effort to hold myself accountable, I post the progress of my yearly goals at the end of each month on this blog. The following are the results through May. 1. Don’t die. I remain perfect on my most important goal. 2. Lose ten pounds. I gained a pound. Three pounds down. Seven pounds…

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Supplementary reading

Since you have to pay for the archives of many newspapers, my previously mentioned article, Two Divorces Too Many, which was re-titled by some newspapers and magazines, was difficult to find for some people.  By request, I posted it under the heading Other Writing in the second column of the blog. 

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An acquaintance of mine met with her divorce attorney today to begin the sad proceedings that will bring her marriage to an end.  Included in the informational packet that she received was an article entitled Two Divorces Too Many, which was written by me.  About five years ago, I published the article as an OP-Ed…

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