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Toby Lichtig writes in The Guardian about how all writers repeat themselves.  That is, they seem to return to the same themes again and again.   

When I wrote SOMETHING MISSING, I had no idea what I was doing.  No idea what I was trying to communicate other than Martin’s story.  I just allowed the character to show me the way, and low and behold, I had a novel. 

My second book proceeded along these same lines, and my third is proceeding similarly:  Find the character and the rest will come. 

But along the way, I have uncovered some of the themes that seem to interest me.  Oddly enough, there was no conscious decision made when identifying or choosing themes.  I had no grand vision of the ideas that I wished to express.  I write like a spelunker in a cave without a headlamp or a lantern.  I’m just chipping away at the rock and hoping to find something.  So these are just the themes that have unconsciously emerged from my work. 

I seem to be obsessed with the secret lives that people lead.  Each of my protagonists possesses a profound secret that they strive to keep hidden at all costs, and its upon these secrets, and their potential revelations, that the plots of my books hinge. 

I also seem drawn to abnormality.  None of my protagonists are conventional human beings in any sense of the word.  Each possesses oddities, quirks and degrees of non-conformity that make their lives challenging and unique.  I couldn’t imagine writing a book about someone relatively normal. 

Lastly, I appear to be drawn to characters who have become disconnected with society.  They are lonely people: isolated, unrecognized and ignored by the world around them. Each is seeking acceptance, appreciation and love.

Why have I been drawn to these themes?  I wish I know.  But they seem to be working for me. 

Will I continue to make them focal points of my novels?  The Guardians’ Toby Lichtig seems to suggest that I will.  I do not know.  I will simply continue to listen to my characters and allow the stories to take whatever direction they so choose.