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Thankful for the times I live in today

I have a multitude of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but today, I’m thankful for the time in which I live.

Nearly two years ago, a Canadien marketing expert named Joey found a story of mine online. He watched the video, which led to another and another, and in a short time, he had fallen down a rabbit hole of my content:

Stories, TEDx Talks, my blog, interviews, podcast, etc.

He became convinced that we should work together to produce online courses centered on storytelling.

Joey reached out to me, and after many conversations, we decided to give it a try.

Soon after, Lionel, an Israeli marketing expert with a deep understanding of the technology side of things, joined the team. Slowly, we began planning what a course on storytelling would look like.

Last summer, I added my friend, Kaia, to the team, first as my production assistant and later as my production manager. Kaia helps to record the content, edits and animates videos, solves technology and hardware problems, and much more.

Recognizing the scope of the work ahead, I had an unfinished room in our basement turned into a recording studio. Once construction was complete, Elysha and Kaia furnished it, and new sound and recording equipment were added.

Recently, Kassandra joined the team as my social media manager. Kassandra is a Canadien who lives anywhere but Canada. Instead, she has been traveling the world, doing her job in whatever city she happens to be visiting. So far I have spoken to Kassandra while she was in visiting the UK, France, and Japan. Kassandra has become a bit of an expert on me, diving into two decades of blogging (more than 7,000 posts in all), more than 100 episodes of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, and hundreds of hours of video, harvesting content for Instagram, Facebook, and apparently TikTok.

I didn’t know I was on TikTok, but a student stopped me in the hallway last week to say that he saw me on TikTok.

“I’ve never even opened that app,” I said indignantly.

“Sure,” he said. “Whatever you say.”

As he walked away, it occurred to me:


She has me on TikTok.

Add to this team a new attorney who I have only spoken to via Zoom, an accountant who I have only spoken to via email, and financial folks who I turn to constantly with both good and dumb questions.

On top of all this have been the many content creators whose YouTube channels have become critical to my learning process.

Want to learn to do something new?

It’s almost certainly taught well on YouTube.

I’m standing on the shoulders of many, many people.

Last week we launched our first product, Storytworthy for Business, an online course that includes videos, a workbook, exercises, and much more. Goals were set for the first two weeks of sales, and we exceeded those goals by leaps and bounds.

By all accounts, our first two weeks of promotion and sales were a huge success, and the feedback thus far has been extraordinarily positive.

So I find myself thankful on this day for the time in which I live. Had I not been able to put my writing and videos online for the world to read and see and hear, a man in Canada would have never found me and seen the potential and possibility that I could not.

If the world wasn’t so easily connected as it is today, people in Canada, Israel, the United States, and who-knows-where could not come together and work as seamlessly as we do thanks to technological marvels like Zoom, WhatsApp, and other platforms that didn’t exist a short time ago.

Had the world not become such a global community, I would not have had access to talented people around the world and all that they have to offer.

Today I’m happy to be living in a world where all of this is possible.

I’m also deeply thankful to Joey, Lionel, Elysha, Kaia, Kassandra, Wendy, Chris, Dan, and Darlene for helping me build a business that could never have imagined just three years ago.

I hope you are equally fortunate to have such talented, dedicated, and committed people in your life today.

If not, try to find them.

Or put things into the world so that they can find you.

We live in an incredible world of possibility.

I hope you have many reasons to give thanks today.