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The large print version of SOMETHING MISSING was just released last month, in case you’re interested in owning every version of the book.

It was chosen as a Thorndike Reviewer’s Choice book and had a nice write-up in the relatively unknown but still very appreciated Juneau Empire, even though the writer, Kathy Ward, manages to call the book charming, odd, funny and creepy all within a single paragraph.

Quite a list of superlatives. 

Here is her review:

"Something Missing," by Matthew Dicks.

Do you see only four rolls of toilet paper on the shelf instead of five? Think you had a package of spaghetti that now you can’t find? Misplace a vase you haven’t used since last Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’ve been burgled by Martin Railsback. He’s the twitchy, voyeuristic hero of this odd and charming story of a career criminal who analyses his target families exhaustively and only takes what he think his "clients" won’t notice: a roll of toilet paper here, a can of diced tomatoes there, a pair of never-worn earrings… until one day he accidentally ruins a client’s toothbrush and feels compelled to replace it. That’s the turning point, when Martin’s neurotic rules change to allow him to become a guardian angel of sorts. Funny and creepy, after reading this you’ll be checking your refrigerator for missing salad dressing.