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I read this week that all cows have different patterns of spots and “not a single cow has identical spots to another.”

I’ve also been repeatedly told that no two snowflakes are ever alike.

How can anyone say this with certainty?

Do you have any idea how many cows are alive on the Earth at this moment?

The International Erosion Control Association, which tracks overgrazing, estimated the number at 1.53 billion in 2001.

With more than a billions cows alive on this planet at any one time, am I expected to believe that the chances of two cows having identical patterns of spots is zero?

If we factor in all the cows that have ever lived, the statement becomes absurd.

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But the snowflake argument is even worse. It has snowed on this planet for billions of years. Trillions of snowstorms producing an average of 5.2 quintillion snowflakes each time.

And I really expected to believe that no two snowflakes have ever been alike in all that time?

Let’s put an end to the snowflake madness. Please?

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