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Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Slash refuses to allow the band’s music to be used on Glee because he thinks the show is horrible.
He went on the record with Rolling Stone magazine saying, “Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough. I look at Grease now and think, ‘Between High School Musical and Glee, Grease was a work of art!’”

And yet he decided that this year’s Super Bowl halftime show was worthy of his presence?

And he thought it would be a great idea if Fergie attempted an Axl Rose impression while hollering the lyrics to Guns N’ Roses classic Sweet Child o’ Mine?

At least Glee is a comedy. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously.

This year’s halftime show was more like a tragic comedy.

Even my ten-year old students hated it.

Good call, Slash.