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I love this list more than I can describe.
It’s so good.

I want to be friends with the person who created it.


I think I’m going to try the first item at the Patriots game this Sunday. There’s just enough crazy at an NFL game for people to believe that I might be drinking Windex.

The third one will be tough, since the closest IKEA is about an hour away, but I’ll keep it in mind the next time I find myself at a furniture story.

Even if the IKEA was next door, though, it’s still a logistically difficult goal to accomplish. Even if I was able to squeeze myself into a wardrobe without attracting attention, how long would I have to wait before someone actually opened it?

Probably a long time.

Still, it’s a brilliant idea.

As far as the second item goes, my rock opera debuts at the Playhouse on Park in about two weeks, so that should count in terms of going to a play.

But even better than trying to complete this list myself, I’d like to try to produce my own to-do list each week, modeled after the ingenuity, originality and humor of this one.  .

So I’m challenging myself.

One creative, ingenious and amusing to-do list every week, to be posted every Friday morning.

I probably don’t need another challenge in my life, but whatever.