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He doesn’t know his own name.

He eats and then vomits in the most inconvenient places.

He eats dog food. He eats cashmere. He eats plastic bags. He eats the entire string off a balloon. He eats shoelaces. He eats paper.  

He mistakes our feet for playthings at 3:00 AM.

He bites. He bites hard. And he bites most often when we are petting him. The more love we give this cat, the more likely he is to bite.

One might classify them as love bites except they hurt like hell.

But regardless of his utter stupidity, Owen has never comes close to biting Clara. Despite her unbridled love and questionable treatment of him, he has never even shown the inclination to bite her.

He doesn’t know his own name and he will devour an entire sweater in one sitting. but somehow the idiot cat knows to leave Clara alone.

That is what I am grateful for tonight.  

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