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Clara celebrated her third birthday on Wednesday with a chocolate cupcake and a handful of presents. 


In my continued series of posts from Greetings Little One leading up to her birthday, another tidbit from the the birth of my daughter, originally written on January 28, 2009.

Today will be the last day for these reminiscent posts.


Our experience at Hartford Hospital has been nearly perfect. The nurses have been extraordinary and the care that you and Mommy have received has been top notch. In fact, in the five days that we have been here, I have only one complaint.

During Mommy’s caesarian section, I found myself sitting on a stool behind the surgical screen, adjacent to your mother’s head. In this position, I was able to look at Mommy and comfort her while being spared the gore of major surgery.

That is, until I noticed the suction hose running to the right of her head. As I was stroking Mommy’s forehead and whispering assuring words into her ear, I saw the clear tube fill with a red liquid, and occasionally, small bits of fleshy matter.

Little bits of Mommy being sucked away.

"Don’t look right," I warned your mother, and she didn’t. Unfortunately, the tube was in my direct line of sight and I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of it from time to time.

In fact, one of the doctors who took our photograph managed to capture an image of the tube in the background. See for yourself:


In the future, perhaps the surgical team could find a different path for the suctioned particulates of a mother’s uterus.