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Nummies, a maker of maternity bras, asked women what they would tell themselves if they could go back in time to just before their first baby arrived.


They produced a video of the mother’s responses.

Along similar lines, NPR’s The Baby Project asked mothers and fathers:

If you could go back in time before your first baby arrived, what would you tell yourself?

My responses:

  1. When your wife’s water breaks, go to the hospital. Don’t tell her to relax and go back to bed.
  2. No behavior, routine or chore is permanent. Sick of having to place every item of food into your child’s mouth? Relax. She’ll be scooping things up with her fingers before you know it. Change is rapid and unexpected. Even diapers will end someday.
  3. A seeming majority of parents are determined to convince you that parenting is incredibly difficult, presumably because if you find it easy, you will serve as an indictment of their own parental skills. Don’t listen to their doom and gloom stories. Ignore their complaints and warnings. Even better, tell them to shut the hell up.