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A couple years ago, my friend’s daughter, Katie, played on a softball team that was sponsored by Bailey Funeral Home.
I think this is fabulous. Kids running the bases while advertising a funeral home on their backs. Do the proprietors of the funeral home think that this type of advertising is effective?

“Hey, I heard that your aunt died. Have you checked out Bailey Funeral Home? They seem very community oriented. Good with men in scoring position, too.”

But at least Katie’s team knew who was footing the bill for their season. When I was twelve, my Little League team, sponsored by Joe Wojick and Son’s, won the league championship.

Thanks to Joe and Sons, my team sported bright orange uniforms. The ugliest uniform I’ve ever seen. Even worse than the old Houston Astros uniforms.

And I still own mine.

But I never had any idea what kind of business Joe Wojick and Son’s did.  And I still don’t. Apparently Joe Wojick and Son’s is now a wholesale fruit and vegetable company, but this business was incorporated in 1986.

My Little League team won our championship in 1983.

So there’s no way of telling what the company was doing back then. In my mind, it had been some kind of construction company, but perhaps not.

Hard to imagine transitioning from construction to fruits and veggies.

There’s a phone number listed on the webpage, so perhaps I’ll call and find out.

Either way, it would’ve been a hell of a lot more interesting had Joe Wojick and Son’s been a funeral home.  The jokes and one-liners would have been endless.

Katie was so lucky.