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There are more televisions in an average US household than there are people.

By 2006, Nielsen Media Research estimated that the average US household had 2.73 televisions sets. Compare that with an estimated 2.55 people living in an average household in the US.

We have two televisions in our home, and thanks to the addition of Clara, that means we have more people in the home than televisions (even though Clara is not really allowed to watch TV).

I’m happy to be under this US average in this regard.

Speaking of television, my wife and I are about to enter a period in which we will need a new show to watch.  We don’t watch much TV, and we tend to watch one or two shows at a time.  With the conclusion of The Pacific and shows like The Office going into summer hiatus, we find ourselves with nothing to watch. 

We’ll catch up on 30 Rock when the latest season becomes available on DVD, but otherwise we’re in need of a suggestion or two.

Thoughts or recommendations?