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My wife sent me an email with a title that read:

Amazing. Worth watching.

She was referencing the opening number of the Tony Awards, and while I was sure that it was lovely, I suspected that most of her adoration was the result of her crush on Neil Patrick Harris.

I was wrong. Her title was truly an understatement.

Even if you have never been to a Broadway show and have no interest in the theater, this must be seen. The amount of work that went into this performance, the astounding level of talent required to pull it off and the sheer courage displayed in attempting this mind-numbing, heart-stopping opening number of the Tony Awards on live television is breathtaking.

Sincerely. It is a performance for the ages.

My favorite part of the video is the open-mouthed expressions of the Broadway elite as they watch Neil Patrick Harris do what seems to me, and perhaps even to them, impossible. 

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