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The Golden Rule doesn’t always work.
I always prefer that people be direct, honest and forthright with me at all times. Brutally honest if needed. No behind-the-back gossip or back-channel suggestions through a third party. Just let me have it.

And a few of my friends actually adhere to this desire quite well, and I thank them for it.

When I do something stupid, for example, I like to be told. But when I attempt to tell someone else that they are acting stupid, they are considerably less appreciative than I usually am. In fact, I have found that the more direct and honest I am with people, the less I am appreciated.

Furthermore, my directness often results in less direct and more passive-aggressive behavior on the part of the recipient, who often chooses to speak to my wife or my boss rather than me.

Essentially, they tattle on me rather than facing more of my honesty and directness.

I can’t tell you how direct and honest this tattling then makes me, thus propagating a vicious circle that never ends well.

So much for the stupid Golden Rule.

Oh, The Golden Rule also failed miserably when I was a single man on the dating scene. The idea that “I hit on you because I want you to hit on me” was a complete flop as well.

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