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I took a misanthropic quiz today.
I turned out to be 70% misanthropic. The results read:

Here’s the truth: Most people suck. You are just lucky enough to know it.
You’re not ready to go live alone in a cave – but you’re getting there.

While some of my friends might not find these results surprising, I actually have a lot of wonderful friends in my life and am not ready to retire to a cave anytime soon..

Of course, based upon my recent experience at Pep Boys, the 70% result might be low. The 90-minute wait was bad enough, but why does the scourge of the Earth have to wait alongside me? While I’m trying to quietly read my book, I am subjected to the inane ramblings of a talk show host (Maury Povich, maybe?) and his topic of the day:

Guys who cheat on girls with other family members.

The people in the waiting area were eating it up.

Unless of course they were on their cell phones, frying their brains while talking about how “Wanda didn’t give me any respect” or how “my boss won’t give me a day off to bring my kids to Six Flags” or how “my boyfriend expects me to make dinner every night even though I’m working more than him!”

Who are these people?

I can’t stand to use the phone for even a minute, yet these people were voluntarily placing calls in order to gossip about friends, boyfriends and coworkers, using a volume that drew everyone else into their conversations no matter and ignoring the high-quality entertainment blaring from the television on the wall.

Perhaps the results of the misanthropic survey are more accurate than I previously thought.

While I’m not ready to go live alone in a cave, I’m getting there.

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