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I don’t understand the obsessive need to clink each and every single glass during a toast? With six or eight or ten people at the table, is it really necessary to navigate your glass amongst the half dozen others in an effort to make glass-on-glass contact with each and every one?
What ever happened to the ceremonial raising of the glass, or better yet, the un-orchestrated joining of glasses at the center of the table without concern for which two glasses ultimately touched?  As with many customs, we’ve managed to turn this festive, spontaneous gesture into some type of complicated, etiquette-laced procedure.

No more!

I hereby renounce all future intent in regards to the clinking of each and every glass during a toast. I will raise my glass during the toast, and if appropriate, move said vessel to the center of the table for the ceremonial clinking, but I will in no way attempt to make contact with every glass thus raised.

It’s the spirit of the toast that matters.

Who is with me?

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