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The run-up to Father’s Day is often dominated by gadget guides that contain gifts referred to as “toys for the man in your life.” Cameras, universal remotes, cell phones, game systems, flat-screen televisions, power tools, GPS units, and sports equipment are touted as the must-buy gifts for Dads everywhere.
The list of traditional Mother’s Day gift ideas includes jewelry, perfume and flowers. Perhaps a trip to a spa or an item of clothing on a rare occasion.

How do women feel about this?

Is anyone else concerned about the disparity between these two lists?

I’d be fine if we stripped the unnecessary gift-giving from both of these days, but as long as gift-giving persists, I would prefer that my daughter grow up in a more sensible world and not one where women must suffer from inequitable, seemingly sexist gift lists.

One contains shiny baubles and fragrant, dead plants designed to make women look and smell pretty.

The other is chock full of items that engage the mind and body and help men to be more productive and entertained.

Yet I’ve never heard women complain about this disparity. What’s the deal?

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