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This list of final meal requests from death row inmates fascinates me. Each represents the last request from a dying man.
Like Gerald Mitchell:

One bag of Jolly Ranchers.

And how about Miguel Richardson:

Chocolate birthday cake with “2/23/90” written on top, seven pink candles, one coconut, kiwi fruit juice, pineapple juice, one mango, grapes, lettuce, cottage cheese, peaches, one banana, one delicious apple, chef salad without meat and with thousand island dressing, fruit salad, cheese, and tomato slices.

I don’t support the death penalty so perhaps this has something to do with my morbid fascination.

My last meal request would be would be a hot dog, a bacon double cheeseburger with an egg on top, fries, and a Diet Coke.

For dessert, a root beet float, a box of Girl Scout thin mint cookies and a slice of Carvel ice cream cake.


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