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Both SOMETHING MISSING and UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO have been optioned to producers, one for film and the other for television. 

All this really means is that someone has paid me a not-enormous sum of money for the rights to try to put together a deal with a television or film studio.  This involves writing scripts, soliciting actors and directors, pitching their ideas to show runners, and the like.  If a television pilot or movie is eventually made, I get paid a more significant amount of money.

This week I received updates regarding both projects, and as always, they were laced with big named actors and producers and great potential.

After going through this process for more than two years with SOMETHING MISSING and six months with UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO, I’ve learned that these potentially exciting updates all say essentially the same thing:

Something great might happen someday.  Maybe.

I’ve learned to temper my excitement.

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