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Ten Word Wiki is a spinoff of Wikipedia with one important distinction:  All entries must consist of exactly ten letters.  The results are often amusing and sometimes quite profound.  The site has become my newest time-waster, so click at your own risk. 

I’m completely obsessed with it. 

And I’ve even submitted my own 10 Word Wiki entry, which can be found on the site.  It is:

Project Runway: Heidi Klum making everyone else look like flat, boring nobodies.

Here is a list of ten recent favorites as well:

Bumper sticker. Literal translation: Caution, I drive like a twat.

Ten Commandments: Ten rules of life from God. Such a spoil sport.

Book: Bundles of wood pulp and pictures/words; doesn’t need batteries.

Lance Armstrong: inspirational uni-testicled cycling legend. Singlehandedly invented the rubber wristband industry.

Lost (television series): It’s about time travel, fate, good/evil, heaven/hell … maybe

Nothing: Nothing would be this page if you removed 10 words.

Sarah Palin: Failed Vice Presidential candidate. Made stupidity popular again post-W.

Tim Burton: Helena Bonham-Carter’s employer. Takes the cowbell approach with Gothic themes.

Intelligent: High knowledge base. Can be sexy/nerdy depending on knowledge.

Tiger Woods: World’s greatest golfer. Plays a round, and then plays around.

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