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OMG Facts, a website that tweets out supposedly amazing facts throughout the day, recently posted two that I considered less than amazing and downright commonplace. 


Soccer is the most viewed sport in the world.

Didn’t everyone already know this?  It’s the most popular sport in the world.  The World Cup draws almost as much attention as the Olympics.  And millions of suffering parents stand along the sidelines each weekend, watching their hapless children kick a ball in random directions.

Of course it’s the most viewed sport in the world.  


People don’t actually get sick colds and the flu because of cold weather.

People are more likely to get sick during wintertime because they spend more time indoors and they share more germs because of it, causing them to get sick more often. There is also evidence now that viruses spread more easily through dry air. When it is cold outside, the air is drier both outdoors and inside. In tropical areas, the common cold and flu season generally occurs during the rainy season because people come in closer contact with each other indoors.

While I realize that there are still people who tell children to put on their coat or they will catch a cold (probably the same people who believe that Fox News is fair and balanced), don’t all intelligent people know this as well?

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