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An article appeared in USA Today by Carol Memmott on publishing in trade paperback instead of hardcover, and SOMETHING MISSING was featured prominently in the piece.

Very exciting!

My initial instinct was to run out and purchase fifty copies of the paper, but oddly enough, I have experience with this kind of thing and thought better of it. This is actually the second time that I have been featured in USA Today. Back in 1996 I was a USA Today Academic All American, and my name and information about my academic career appeared in the paper. Early on the morning that the article appeared, I immediately ran out and bought twenty copies of the newspaper, which only cost fifty cents back then, from three different convenience stores.

Those twenty copies were placed in a box with other memorabilia and have yet to see the light of day ever since.

There’s just never any reason to have more than one copy of the paper, especially in today’s digital world. So I’ll go out this morning and buy a copy of the paper, but I won’t go batty and purchase twenty or thirty.

One should be plenty. Well, maybe two or three…

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  1. Barbara on April 23, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    well, not to worry – we have 3 copies! YAY

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