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The advanced review copies of SOMETHING MISSING have begun to pop up on eBay (thank goodness for Google Alerts). Even though the ARC seal on the book clearly states that the review copy is not for sale, apparently not everyone agrees.

Even so, the eBay seller indicates in their description of the book that:

This listing is for a softcover book titled “Something Missing” by Matthew Dicks. This softcover advance reading copy says not for resale on it.

It’s nice of the seller to acknowledge the rule against resale, even as they attempt to resell it themselves.

I don’t mind, to be honest. It’s exciting to think that someone wants to read it, regardless of how it ultimately finds its way into their hands.

But what is mildly disturbing is the means by which at least one eBay seller has characterized the book, labeling it as Religion, Spirituality, Christianity, Protestant.

SOMETHING MISSING may be many things, prospective readers, but my book is in no way religious or spiritual.

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