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My first date/arranged marriage

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting my new editor for the first time. About a week ago I accepted an offer from Saint Martin’s Press to publish my next two books, including Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend.  I … Continue reading

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High expectations are not always good

Thankfully, I haven’t run into many people like this. Unfortunately, I’ve met a few. This had me laughing out loud.

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Guest blogger: My agent, Taryn Fagerness, explains her life in the foreign rights world

Greetings from Matt’s literary agent! When I opened my own agency in 2009, I decided to specialize in the selling of foreign rights (along with selling domestic rights for authors like Matt). Matt often complains that he never understands what … Continue reading

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Tick tock

This is the worst part of the writing process for me: The waiting. The manuscript is done, and it’s in Taryn’s hands.  I sit and wait, usually for about a week, hoping to hear that it’s absolutely perfect.  Expecting to … Continue reading

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How I found my literary agent

I spent this past week visiting the Lucy Robbins Welles Library in my hometown of Newington and the Portland Library in Portland, CT.  Both events were very well attended, and I had the chance to meet many readers who enjoyed … Continue reading

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The price of an e-book

While I continue to wonder why the six major publishing houses don’t get together and produce their own game-changing e-book reader that they control, I also think it’s critical that they do a better job of explaining the finances of … Continue reading

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A question in need of an answer

I was talking to a friend about publishing today, and once again I found myself proclaiming my fondness for the ancient but still highly effective technology known as a book.  I have nothing against e-books and know many happy Kindle … Continue reading

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This could work…

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I hope he’s right

Sometimes I worry that I might have entered the publishing world at the wrong time.  Falling book sales, an unsettled eBook market and the decline of the independent bookstore have caused massive upheavals in the industry. Add to this experienced … Continue reading

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First peek at UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO’s cover

I got my first peek at the proposed cover art for UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO today, and I love it.  There are a couple of tweaks that I think need to be made, but overall, my first reaction was quite positive. This … Continue reading

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