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I am happily clueless about many things. It seems to make people very angry.

More than a week after Jill Abramson’s firing as executive of the New York Times, This American Life’s host Ira Glass still hadn’t heard the news. This is surprising. The story of Abramson’s firing was covered by many media outlets … Continue reading

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If no one believes your lie, what’s the point?

North Korean reports that dictator Kim Jong-un has been “reelected” with 100 percent of the vote. Kim also won every single vote in his district on Mount Paekdu with 100 percent turnout. I understand the value of propaganda, but wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Exit the bigots

The Boy Scouts of America have lost six percent of their members since changing their policy on gay participants, the group recently announced. Some may think this is bad news. I think the opposite. They’re merely weeding out the bigots. … Continue reading

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North Korean nightmare

Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, is the one point of light in the middle of darkness between South Korea (on the right) and China (on the left) in this recent image taken from the International Space Station. A good reminder … Continue reading

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Big news does not mean big numbers when it comes to same sex marriage.

Arizona, Idaho and Kansas are the three most recent states to attempt to legalize discrimination based upon sexual orientation. Arizona’s law passed through the House and Senate before the governor vetoed the bill. The Kansas bill passed the House on … Continue reading

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What the hell is going on in Kansas?

Kansas state representative Gail Finney has proposed a bill that defines acceptable forms of corporal punishment in both schools and home as “up to ten forceful applications in succession of a bare, open-hand palm against the clothed buttocks of a … Continue reading

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The world is rapidly leaving the bigots behind

When an arena of Missouri sports fans gives an openly gay football player a standing ovation, the world is getting decidedly smaller for the bigots of the world.

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Helicopter parenting has gone national

I feel so lucky that my wife and I were teachers for so many years before becoming parents. As a teacher, I have come to understand the value of allowing a child to struggle. I’ve learned the value of clear … Continue reading

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Walter Cronkite rolled over in his grave

How could someone not be fired for this decision?

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Idaho acknowledges that the death penalty kills innocent people.

I am opposed to the death penalty for many reasons, but chief among them is the possibility that innocent people are mistakenly put to death. As a person who was arrested and tried for a crime he did not commit, … Continue reading

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