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Goodnight Moon with her little brother

I read Goodnight Moon (and most other children’s books) for the first time with my daughter, who immediately fell in love with the story, as much children do.  Now she puts her brother on her lap and “reads” the book … Continue reading

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24 thoughts from my weekend at Booktopia

Elysha and I spent the weekend in Vermont at Booktopia, a weekend retreat for listeners of Books on the Nightstand that brings readers and authors together in a unique experience. It’s our favorite weekend of the year. Here are some … Continue reading

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Suspiciously perfect start to the day

My son refused to allow me to pluck him from the crib this morning until I handed him a book and allowed him to read it first. He’s a little less than two years-old, and yet I still felt like … Continue reading

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I’ve always thought that a library fine was a good thing. Unexpected income. Some librarians have disagreed. Am I wrong?

From a piece in the Hartford Courant entitled Wethersfield Library Begins ‘Food For Fines’ Program: For a limited time, Wethersfield Library patrons can pay their overdue fines with a can of beans or a jar of spaghetti sauce. The library’s … Continue reading

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Clara’s deep thoughts while reading Neil Gaiman’s Instructions

Comments uttered in whispers: “I trust my story.” “I always betray my heart with my tongue.” 

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Pressure is a privilege

Author Susan Schoenberger posted this quote to her Twitter feed: “Pressure is a privilege.” – Billie Jean King as heard on Fresh Air. I love this idea. It’s so true. Many of the things that I choose to do involve … Continue reading

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I had problems with the ending of The Lord of the Rings, but it had little to do with Frodo and Sam’s fate.

Quora recently asked the question: Would the Lord of the Rings have been more satisfying with a different ending. Specifically, what if the eagles hadn’t rescued Frodo and Samwise from Orodruin after the destruction of the One Ring? In other … Continue reading

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Good news! America’s second favorite book is an actual book.

More good news about the publishing industry. In 1900, America’s second favorite book (after the Bible) was the Sears Roebuck Catalogue. In the most recent Pew poll, America’s second favorite book (still trailing The Bible) was Gone with the Wind, … Continue reading

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An unexpected silver lining (including butts with wings) in this brave new publishing world

In the last five days, I have: Corresponded with my French translator about the French edition of my book and future books. Responded to questions from readers in Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Germany and Turkey, as well as four states within … Continue reading

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My very first library book found!

In March of 2012 I wrote a post about the important role that my  hometown library played for me when I was a child. As a person who grew up with very few books in the home and no age-appropriate … Continue reading

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