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My children visited a bookstore on the last day of summer. Their behavior was shocking.

We spent the last day of summer on the Connecticut shoreline. Among our choice of activities was a visit to our favorite bookstore, R.J. Julia in Madison, Connecticut.   Elysha and I once spent hours in bookstores, but when our … Continue reading

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PowerPoint presentations, game shows, skinny dipping, and now The Oscars: Quirks of the many book clubs I have attended

Last week I attended the meeting of Sheltering Trees, a book club in Wallingford, Connecticut. The members of the group (more than a dozen ladies ranging in ages from their twenties to their seventies) were kind enough to read Memoirs … Continue reading

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Love the book. Hate the fact that it only took Bradbury 18 days to write it.

Ray Bradbury was born 94 years today. My favorite Bradbury book, and one of my favorite novels of all time, is Fahrenheit 451. It took Bradbury just 18 days to write the book. Jerk. I realize how unlikely you are … Continue reading

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Can you imagine a better way to start the day?

My boy likes to read, which is great. He can’t actually read yet, but you know what I mean.   It’s not quite as great when you’re trying to put him down for a nap and he demands. “Mmm book! … Continue reading

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My book club once featured skinny dipping. This book club has a big time college football player for a member. I think they win.

I’m not a big college football fan. I don’t have an allegiance to any college football team. But wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell may have turned me into a Georgia Bulldogs fan with his recent foray into, of all things, a … Continue reading

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Contrary to popular belief, parents and teachers are well aware of the existence of Sparknotes.

was sitting inside Barnes & Noble last week with seven teenagers who are participating in our writing camp. We were discussing book titles when one of the students pointed at a rack of Sparknotes and gasped. Heads turned. Jaws dropped. … Continue reading

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I am like a tree in one very specific way, at least according to my daughter.

A few weeks ago, I discovered that my daughter doesn’t think I sleep. Because I am out of bed every day by 4:30 and back in bed well after she has gone to sleep, Clara has never even seen me … Continue reading

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I worry that George R.R. Martin will die before finishing his Song of Fire and Ice series, and yes, that’s not a nice thing to think.

George R.R. Martin is the author of the popular Song of Fire and Ice series which you may know better as Game of Thrones. He’s currently writing the sixth of that was originally going to be seven books in the … Continue reading

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Dating in a perfect, bookish world

My wife gave me a book on our first date:  The Tale of Despereaux. Complete with the best inscription ever. Not quite the dream scenario described below, but close.

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No better start to the day

There are mornings when my son refuses to come out of his crib until he’s  had a chance to read a book. Oftentimes, he’s grunting, pointing at a book in his basket or on the shelf. He’ll flip through it … Continue reading

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