Professional best man for hire

New job idea: Professional best man.

While I meet many outstanding best men in my role as a DJ, I also meet many who are too nervous to deliver the toast, too drunk to assist a groom in need, and too disinterested in the role to be of any use.

Besides, why burden your best friend with this role if all he wants to do is have a good time at the wedding as well?

Instead, hire me. Your professional best man.

What, you may ask, are my qualifications for such a job?

They are, admittedly, quite extensive:

  • I’ve attended more than 400 weddings as a DJ, guest, groom, member of the bridal party and best man, so there is little that I have not seen. As a result, I will be ready and able to assist in almost every unexpected or unusual circumstance.
  • My experience and expertise will allow me to ensure that the DJ, photographer, caterer and other professional staff are doing their jobs to the best of their ability and serving the bride and groom to my exceedingly exacting standards.
  • I have extensive experience in dealing with in-laws, drunken guests, angry girlfriends, belligerent uncles and any other potentially disruptive wedding attendee and am adept at deflecting these distractions away from the bride and groom.
  • I can deliver an outstanding toast. I am often instructing criminally- unprepared best men on what to say just minutes before their toasts and make them sound quite good.
  • I am a skilled party planner and will give you the bachelor’s party of your dreams while also ensuring that you do nothing that you will regret the next day.
  • I possess a wide range of interests and am skilled at ingratiating myself to a wide range of people. I can do jock and nerd equally well and rarely meet someone who I cannot find common ground. We may not be best friends after your wedding, but for the duration of our nuptials, I will be surprisingly likable and chameleon-like in my ability to blend in with your group of friends. And who knows? One of my best friends is a former client. It could happen for you, too.

And what if you want to hire a professional best man but have a friend who also wants the job and would be upset to learn that you went with a professional?

No problem. Simply have two best men.

One who will get drunk during the cocktail hour, hit on one of the bridesmaids during photos, deliver a humorless speech and forget to end it with an actual toast.

The other will not drink at your wedding except when capping off an amusing and heartfelt toast, will keep your best interests in mind at all times and is skilled and experienced enough to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

Don’t you deserve another friend on your wedding day?

A friend absent of personal needs and petty grievances on your big day.

A friend who will guide you through and past every awkward, annoying, unfortunate, and potentially disastrous moment of your wedding.

Don’t you deserve the services of a professional on your wedding day?

A professional best man.


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15 Responses to Professional best man for hire

  1. Now THAT’S thinking outside the box.

    You know what? Get just one person to actually hire you – even if they don’t want you to show up in that capacity. As long as they actually pay you for that service, you’ll be able to add “Professional Best Man” to your list.

    It’ll be legitimate, and your publisher will love it.

  2. Diane says:

    I see a novel here.

  3. I like both your ideas a lot.

  4. dave says:

    Have you had any interest in this service?
    Your blog came up from a google search. I had the same idea as a business venture, hire a best man and potentially a handfull of ‘mates’ to make yourself look a bit more popular infront of your brides family.
    Just out of interest, how much would you charge?
    Would you be interested if I could get you a role?
    I may invest in a website and see what happens


    • matthew says:

      Hi Dave,
      I’ve actually had three grooms attempt to hire me so far, but two were on the west coast and one was in London. Being on the east coast, it didn’t make financial sense.

      BUT I’m still awaiting my first client, and I put this post on social media from time to time to see if there are any takers.

      I’m not sure about what I might charge. I think it would be priced on a gig by gig basis. I’d have to calculate hours, travel, expense and hassle into the price.

      BUT I’d be exceptionally cheap for the first one.

    • Travone Evans says:

      If ur still looking to build a team for this I would definetally be interested. Email me

  5. Frank says:

    Dude! I just had the same idea after a wedding I did a few weeks ago. I was the best man and killed it. Bachelor party, dinner, rehearsal, etc. Someone said to me how they’d hire me to consult his best man whenever the opportunity presented itself. Boom! Idea was born. So here I am researching to see if it exists and I find you. Best of luck!

  6. Kevin Hart says:

    Thanks for inspiring my new movie,
    Get in touch with me over Twitter.

    And check the movie trailer out: ‘ The wedding Ringer’

  7. rentabestman says:


    Whilst it may seem that renting a best man is not something that happens often, let me tell you that I have had to shut down my website due to unprecedented demand for my services. I simply did not have the ability to keep up. Its not as simple as turning up on the day, smiling and giving a speech – you need to research your client, understand his background, his story, his personality in order to give a credible performance on the day. Until the time I got married (7 years ago), I was being hired at least twice a month. On top of my day job, it doubled my monthly salary! And I got to party twice a month.

    Sadly, since I met my now wife, I have had to scale down my extra curricular activities and, sadly, RABM had to get switched off.

    If any one reading this is interested in picking this up from me (in London), I’d be interested in training someone up and passing on the mantle. For a young, single, amiable, articulate man, its a fantastic way to meet new people (and party with the bridesmaids)!

    • james mcloughlin says:

      I am interested in starting up a business / websitein trying my hand and being a best man for rent. I have yet to find somebody in this world that I have not gotten along with. I understand that there is quite a bit of research that you have to on the part of the groom that way you know what you do in order to do the job to the best of your ababilities. The only thing is I don’t live inLondon. I live in Ohio. I have some questions that I would like to ask you. Is there away I can get you my email or I can get yours? So we can have more private chat.

  8. Matt kacprzyk says:

    Your idea was stolen sir. Sue the wedding ringer and Kevin hart

    • james mcloughlin says:

      if you read all of the comments on this page you will see that Kevin Hart told him thank you for the idea for the movie!! make sure you get all the information that would mean reading everything before you start talking smack!!

      • eric charles says:

        He didnt talk any smack idiot!! He said your idea was STOLEN,not you stole your idea!!!

  9. james mcloughlin says:

    Idiot!?!? your the idiot! And an illiterate dumbass. learn how to read before you go talking shit. dumbass!!

  10. Kyle Guidry says:

    Hey everyone,
    I was just curious if this is actually becoming a thing?
    Just saw the movie and REALLY made me think about how successful it could potentially be. I’m in Louisiana. But I would be interested in being in contact with other potential business partners in the U.S.


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